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virus removal repair tucsonWe provide expert Virus Removal Repair Tucson services for even the nastiest Virus, Trojan, Adware, Scamware, Adware, Malware and Spyware infections.

This is by far the most common issue we see. The “bad guys” are always coming up with new ways to infect computers. We’ve seen it all over the years and can clean up just about anything.

Most commonly, people worry about is their data. The good news is that virus infections ever affect your data, so don’t worry.

Virus Removal Repair Tucson – Our Expert Process


Our Motto: Any Job Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Right!

Our full virus removal service includes full Clean & Tune of your system, plus free security software. We’ll also install any needed Windows and other Software Updates… All this for one low fixed price.

There are cheaper and simpler Tucson Virus Removal Repair services out there that you’ll see advertised, but beware! These services just remove the main virus files, and nothing more. Quick, cheap fixes don’t work.

We can do that too if you insist, but we prefer not to. Viruses and spyware plant other sneaky little files elsewhere that are not removed when the virus itself is removed. They lurk in the background, then essentially “phone home”, downloading the virus again and re-infecting your system.

Our Multi-Tool Virus Repair Removal Scanning & Cleaning Process:

Our service consists of scanning your system with at least four separate virus removal and system cleaning programs, plus a manual process insuring every trace is gone.

Next, we do a full system cleaning, tune-up and update of your PC. It only makes sense to do this. If you’re removing junk, then remove all the junk!

Finally, we check for and install all needed Windows Updates. This is critical, as most of these updates are Security Updates, which may prevent future infections. We’ll also update other key programs, like Adobe Reader and Flash Player. This is because many infections come in through these web-related programs.

Note: In about 10% of cases, viruses cause extensive damage to your PC and we need to wipe your hard drive and reinstall Windows. If so, we save your data, then restore it back to your PC.

Malware Infections Disguised as Legitimate Security Programs or Windows Components


This is the most common type of infection. A window will pop up that looks like a security program, or a warning that looks like it’s coming from Windows or Microsoft (see examples below).

It will look really scary and tell you that you have hundreds of viruses, or that your PC is having serious hardware problems, like a bad hard drive.

Even worse, it won’t go away! It may even prevent you from getting on line or running any programs.

These are all fake programs, so don’t fall for it! They’ll offer to repair your system if you buy their product. Well, there is no product!

These are made by criminals, so they have no problem using logos of real programs, or even the Microsoft logo. They are from overseas (usually Russia or the Ukraine), so they’re immune from legal action.

They will take your money, then stop bugging you. Problem is, you bought nothing, just a fake program. Then, over time, it will pull in more viruses and spyware, or annoying popup ad windows.

Here are some sample screen shots of one of these infections:

Malware Protection

Windows Diagnostic Program

Malware and Virus Destructor

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Virus Removal Repair Tucson – By Saguaro PC Tech

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