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Computer Hardware Repair, Upgrades and Installation

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Tucson Computer Repair Motherboard and partsIs your computer dead? It won’t start? Is your monitor just showing a black screen? Got a virus infection? Our Tucson Computer Repair Tucson experts can fix it!

We provide expert computer hardware repair services, such as memory upgrades, hard drive repair & replacement, video card replacement, motherboard replacement, printer repair & installation.

Once installed, we make sure that each hardware component is configured correctly to provide the best performance and reliability.

Computer Software Repair – Computer Crashes and Errors


Computer Repair Tucson helps Woman frustrated with computerIs your computer crashing? Do you get Windows error messages, lockups and freezes? Is it acting crazy?

This is usually due to a software problem, or possibly viruses. We are the Computer Repair Tucson experts in software analysis and can find out what programs are causing you issues and why.

Speed Up Slow Computers – Clean & PC Tune-Up


PC Computer TuneupIs your PC running slow? Does it take forever to start? Does your computer freeze up, lock up, hang and delay?

We‘ll clean and tune your system to make it run like new again! We have a wide array of tools and decades of experience in diagnosing the causes of computer performance problems.

There may also be viruses or spyware contributing to this issue.

Keeping your system cleaned, tuned and up to date is very important, and we recommend having this done annually. Many security and performance issues are resolved by installing the latest Windows updates. This is also included in our service.

Computer Upgrades (Hardware and Software)


Tucson Computer Repair Upgrade

  • Want a bigger hard drive?
  • Need more memory?
  • Better video or HD video?
  • A faster overall PC?
  • Want the latest version of Windows?

We just love doing computer system upgrades. It’s fun to see an old, limping PC come springing back to life! You may be surprised at what we can do with an old dinosaur!

Rebuild System with Fresh Reinstall of Windows


Tucson Computer Windows Re-install ServiceIf your PC is real mess, or if all else fails. Our service includes:

  • Backup and recover your data.
  • Installation of all the basic software you need to get back up and running right away.
  • Installation of all Windows and program updates, so your PC is fully up to date.
  • Reinstalling your programs, like MS Office, etc. (bring in your disks).
  • Full suite of free maintenance and security/antivirus software.

After 3 years or so, Windows starts to lose performance and starts crashing and locking up. Believe it or not, this is actually normal. This process makes your PC run like new again! It will regain its performance, be sparking clean, and get a new lease on life.

Hobbyists and performance fans do this every 2-3 years because Windows actually deteriorates over time.

If your PC is over 3 years old, we urge replacing the hard drive as well. It’s the part that gets the most wear & tear, and tends to fail earlier than the other parts of your PC. It makes sense to do this, since you’re reinstalling Windows anyway.

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