PC Support Scams – Beware of These Threats

PC Support Scams Are Everywhere

pc support scamHave you gotten a PC Support Scam on your PC yet? If not, you will! What does this type of Malware attack look like? Just look at the image to the left. Pretty convincing, eh? Yes, it says Norton, but it’s fake. Anybody can copy a logo.

What else happens? Well, you’re sitting at your computer and suddenly it freezes. You see a big window pop up and say that your computer is under attack from a virus and you’re instructed to click to repair, or call a fake tech support number.

It can say lots of other scary things too, like that your hard drive is about to die and you must call immediately or you will lose all your data. It can also be a message from a fake technician from Microsoft telling you to call the right away. Sometimes, you might even get a phone call from a scammer saying they’re from Microsoft.
Don’t click. Don’t call. Close the window right away and shut down your PC before they install something nasty. What they want is to get remote control access to your computer. With that, they could do whatever they want to it. They can steal passwords, delete your files, or anything else they want.

Here’s another example of what you might see pop up.

fake support popup

Now, more people are seeing pop-ups about your computer needing some update. Some are legit. Some are scams. If you’re not sure, don’t click. Instead, go to the manufacturer’s website to download any update.

And if your computer is overtaken by some scam trying to get money from you, don’t pay! You will not get anything, just a fake piece of software, plus now the scammer has your credit card number too.

If this happens to you, your best bet is to take the computer to a trusted repair shop. We see several of these every week, so we know how to remove these infections and make your PC secure again. Visit our website to learn how we can help you with all you Computer Security needs.

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