Local Computer Repair Service Beats Big Boxes

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Local Computer Repair Service is Your Best Choice

Local Computer Repair Service shops always beat out Big Box store service. Unfortunately, people often pick big name businesses, thinking big means better. Unfortunately, when it comes to computer repair service, or most any other type of service, the opposite is true.

Why? Because these stores are just that…. Stores! They are retail stores, not computer repair shops. Their business is to sell you stuff, not to fix stuff. These big stores add “repair services” as a side business, but it’s main goal is to support their retail sales, in other words, to sell you stuff!

Their technicians have very little technical skill, and and are usually paid minimum wage. They will not put in the time to to fix your PC, nor are they actually interested in repairing your PC.

Are all local computer repair service shops a better choice? Of course not. Some are better than others, having more skill, better service, or are more honest. The same is true for big stores as well, so that’s not a true argument. You still have to do your research and check them out. With today’s resources, like Google Reviews, Yelp and Angie’s List, finding a high quality local computer repair service shop is easy.

Here’s an example of a typical story about big box service that I hear from customers who switched to us.

A lady had a laptop that was going crazy with popups and locking up, preventing her from doing what she needed to do. It was a typical Virus/Spyware removal job. She brought it to a big box store (which shall remain anonymous). What happened then?

Did they clean up the viruses? Nope! Instead, they told her she needed a new hard drive, so they sold her a new drive, some Antivirus software, plus an expensive Windows re-installation service. To add further insult, they failed to recover her data from her old hard drive. She lost all her pictures, music and documents.

Why did they do this? Well for one thing, they didn’t know how to remove tough viruses, beyond just running a simple virus scan. Plus, that service doesn’t make them much money. So instead of a $100-$150 virus repair, she got taken for almost $300 and lost all her data!

So there you have it. The choice is yours. A real Local Local Computer Repair Service shop or a big box retail store pretending to be one. We hope you choose a real Computer Repair shop like ours, or one in your area.

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