Finding Quality Computer Repair Service, Help, Support & Virus Removal Services in Tucson

Computer Repair Laptop Repair ServiceWhere can you get quality computer repair service in Tucson? Who can do a virus removal & repair that will last? You may ask, “who can fix my computer that I can trust”?  Can they do laptop screen repairs? What about MAC and MacBook repair? Android repair? Will they guarantee their work?

Before I toot my own horn, I will say there are around six well established computer repair shops here in town. These businesses have been around eight years or more, and have good reputations (BBB members).

We of course, are one on those businesses. I won’t mention the others by name (for obvious reasons), but I will say they generally appear in the top spots in a Google search. This is not enough though. You must check their customer reviews and the BBB website for their rating. I know a few of these guys and most of them are good guys. We compete in a respectful and friendly manner.

Beware that some of the companies you find at the top of a Google search are NOT LOCAL companies. The pay lots of money to get a top spot on Google, versus earning the top spot. They contract with different independent technicians (versus company-employed technicians) to perform the service for them. These folks come and go quickly. This means that if you need a follow up or have a problem, you probably will never find the same technician again.

The problem with the computer repair field, is that there are no barriers to entry. Anyone who knows a little more than average about computers can get into business for almost no money. The problem is that most of these are temporary ventures to get income until they find jobs. If you have a problem, they may not be around to support you or warranty their work. You’ll find these types of businesses mostly on Craigslist.

Our business, Saguaro PC Tech, is locally owned, and has been in business here in Tucson for almost ten years.  We’ve maintained an A-Plus BBB rating since our beginning in 2004, and have five star ratings all over the internet. This business was started with long term life and success in mind. We have differentiated ourselves by focusing on top notch customer service, quality of work, and honesty.

We’re not the cheapest out there, as we’re not operating out of a garage, or a call center in another state. We have a real repair facility and an office to maintain, insurance to pay, good equipment and talented technicians. We maintain prices on par with industry norms for established companies. This means you can trust us to do a great computer repair service job at a reasonable price, stand behind our work and be there to support you on an ongoing basis. Give us a try and see!

About Steve Frantzis

Steve Frantzis is the Owner of Saguaro PC Tech, LLC, a computer repair shop in Tucson. If you have any questions or need help with your laptop, desktop, Mac, or mobile device, please call Us at (520) 250-5948.

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