FBI Virus Removal Cases Still Common

Virus Removal Woes Continue:

FBI Virus Removal TucsonFBI virus removal jobs keep coming to our shop. Will this annoying thing ever go away?

I hate to say it, but the only reason it’s still around is because people are falling for this scam!

Of course, the customers we see, are the ones that don’t fall for it and come to us to remove it. I should mention that along with the main scam, it installs all kinds of other spyware as well.

This is actually typical of most viruses. They bring their friends along! That’s why when we do a virus removal, we don’t stop when the offending virus is removed. We do further analysis and cleanups as well. We use no less than four different scanning and removal tools, as well as some manual work.

The latest version of this scam is actually hilarious. It has a window that shows a live video of you, using your PC camera. It goes on to say you have been identified as being involved in  all kinds of nastiness, such as pedophilia, zoophilia and financial wrongdoings. What’s next…. terrorism?

So just remember folks, any time you see something coming up on your PC that looks scary, it’s a SCAM! Whether it’s a warning that your computer is infected, or that it’s going to explode, or that you did something wrong, it’s all a scare tactic. If you’re not sure, just look to see if it asks for money. If it does, it’s a scam!

If you do get one of these nasty things, shut down your computer and bring it to your technician. If you’re in Tucson, I hope you bring it to us. We’ve been successfully providing Tucson Virus Removal Services for 10 years, and pride ourselves in the highest quality work.

By: Steve Frantzis

Owner, Saguaro PC Tech, LLC

About Steve Frantzis

Steve Frantzis is the Owner of Saguaro PC Tech, LLC, a computer repair shop in Tucson. If you have any questions or need help with your laptop, desktop, Mac, or mobile device, please call Us at (520) 250-5948.

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