Computer Repair Today is More Complex.

Computer Repair Has Changed Over the Years

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Computer repair has definitely changed over the years. Personal computers only 15 years ago were much simpler devices. The computer usually ran just one program at a time, plus the programs were much simpler.

Today, computers are much more complex. Computers are able to execute many programs simultaneously. You can open a web browser, a game window and a word-processor window at the same time. This complexity leads to many more Computer Repair issues that can arise.

There are also more programs working behind the scenes, some that you may not even realize are executing. System Services in Windows, drivers, communication programs, live news updates, email notifiers, Facebook messages and tons more. For today’s Computer Repair technician, troubleshooting a computer is not just a matter of changing hardware or running a simple cleanup process to resolve a problem. A good computer troubleshooter must know how all the programs interact with each other in the computer.

They must understand the startup process. When the computer starts up, it executes diagnostics to verify that the computer hardware is operating properly. After the diagnostics execute, Windows is loaded and executed on the computer. Then all your other apps start loading and running. Sometimes programs conflict with each other, causing errors to occur.

Once you have logged in, a lot of programs have executed. If you have no errors, this should verify that the computer is OK, but is it really? Is the computer really working properly? Is there a particular program that is causing a slowdown or a problem? Did a critical component not load correctly? Is your antivirus program running?

Today’s Computer Repair issues are mostly software related. Hardware has advanced to the point where it is pretty reliable. You don’t see a lot of bad memory chips, video cards, network adapters, etc. like you used to. When customers bring in their PC’s for a Computer Repair job, the fix ix usually software. A good technician knows what programs are on the PC and if they are running correctly. Sure, a cleanup or virus check helps, but there is also a lot of software analysis and repair involved as well.

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