Computer Repair Shops Must Add iPad and iPhone Repair Services to Survive

apple ipad repair service
Computers and Technology are Changing – And So Must Today’s Computer Repair Shops!

iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices are taking over the computing world. The computer repair business therefore, must also change. The typical PC repair shop can no longer survive unless it changes with the times.

I’m surprised to see so many shops ignoring this trend and not adding this type of service to their business.

It may seem strange, but even computer guys can be “old-fashioned”. Some are uncomfortable with the changes they have to make, like learning new skills, hiring different types of technicians, and learning new purchasing habits, like dealing with parts vendors in China.

These are all very different from the way we did things in the area of desktop and even laptop repair. However, if we want to survive, we must all do iPad Repairs, as well as iPhone and Android device repair.

Here at Saguaro PC Tech, we saw these changes coming and started gearing up and adapting to this change long ago. We’re ready and fully capable of handling all tablet and most smart phone repairs. Most of what we see are cracked screens and damage from dropping the units. We’re here to help if you run into such a problem.

About Steve Frantzis

Steve Frantzis is the Owner of Saguaro PC Tech, LLC, a computer repair shop in Tucson. If you have any questions or need help with your laptop, desktop, Mac, or mobile device, please call Us at (520) 250-5948.

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