All-in-One Desktop PC Becoming the New Standard with Windows 8

all-in-one-pc-windows8 After years of being the “weird kid on the block”, the All-in-One desktop PC is now becoming mainstream with the release of Windows 8. With the touch screen capability of the new Windows, these PC’s are now attractive. People seem to like their similar look and feel to tablet PC’s.

The advance of the technology has made this form of computer more realistic and reliable than ever before. When they first came out years ago, they were clunky, slow and unreliable. They would overheat because of the cramped space inside and require lots of visits to the computer repair shop. Ultimately they all died a quick death. With today’s cool running, yet powerful processors from Intel and AMD, the PC’s no longer have heat issues.

Of course, you can still get a traditional desktop PC and buy a separate touch screen monitor, but people seem to like the looks and space saving design. For the average user, this makes perfect sense. However, if you’re a gamer, video media creator or other type of power user, you want to stay away from the All-in-One format. Why? Because they are not upgradable and are very difficult to work on or repair. They are like laptops in that sense.

Windows 8 will spawn the appearance of a lot of new, creative designs for computers. This is only the first step in the evolution of the desktop PC. The same goes for Laptops, as they evolve into hybrid designs to make them more like tablets. This is an interesting time in the world of computers.

As computer service specialists, we are adapting and learning new repair skills and methods of computer repair. It’s fun for us and keeps our jobs interesting. If you need help with a new Windows 8 desktop PC or laptop, we are happy to answer your questions. Of course, we can help with all your computer and technology needs. I hope you found this post helpful.

By Steve Frantzis; Owner, Saguaro PC Tech, LLC

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